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        WNQ FITNESS CO.,LTD.was established in 1989, which devoted itself to the fitness filed and specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of body-building equipment. So far, in the F1 concept of leading, speediness and innovation, it progressed steadily each year and resulted in achieving great recognition as the leader in the domestic fitness field and the first one coming to the global market.

        In the concept of being the famous global famous brand, the company has a strong technical force of rigorous R&D team and marketing team unity. She has got the International quality management system certificate ISO9001(2009version) according to the latest standards,OHSAS18001(2008 version) International Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. GS and CE Approval, adopting the EN957 standard in Europe. She is also a vice-chairman member company of the Sports Goods Association in China. At the same time, WNQ is an initial member of IHRSA of U.S.A. and a member of the Entrepreneurs' Association in China.


        Now we are based in city of Shanghai which is a strong industrial base and international window in China.

        Using ERP systems and modern management mode, we improve product quality continuously. WNQ take the innovation concept and meet customers requirement all rounded by providing them the first-rate products and service in professional and responsible way.


        After 28 years of hard development, WNQ has already set up more than hundreds chain stores of direct selling and many distribution outlets through the country. Meanwhile, itsproducts are sold to dozens of countries such as USA, Italy,India, Turkey and U.K etc.


        "WNQ-the F1 inthe fitness field", it will always develop the famous brand in F1 speed, make production in F1 technology, stir up F1’s sporting spirit to the world.


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